Babati / Hanang
A hike to give you a special cultural insight into the Barbaig tribe. An exclusive climb of Mt. Hanang. A fishing adventure to see hippos in Lake Babati using local canoes. A Gorowa story teller with lots of information on rituals

Hike through Uluguru Mountains up to the rain forest. Visit water falls, scenic view points and historical sites. Participate in traditional dances.

A guided walk through the mysterious ruined city of Engaruka and a thorough description of one of the oldest African irrigation systems. Scenic walking safaris to Oldonyo Lengai and Lake Natron.

Experience WaArusha culture by visiting a traditional healer and tasting traditional food. A guided walk through agricultural systems on the slopes of Mt. Meru.
A visit to craftsmen who produce stools, knives, jewellery and other traditional objects.

A visit to experience the traditional Maasai way of life.
A five day safari with donkeys through beautiful scenery.
A chance to see traditional Maasai dancing and a Maasai holy tree.

Experience the local food and eating habits. Enjoy life amongst the family members. Experience the bush walks. Join the women group and their dances.

A walking safari with Maasai warriors. A view into the culture and daily life of the Maasai. A climb up the impressive Long’ido Mountain.

A warm welcome into a Chagga household. Hikes through dense natural forest along fast flowing streams. Different views of Mt.Kilimanjaro and ancient Chagga legends. A visit to development projects including beekeeping and coffee production.

Mamba / Marangu
A walk beside numerous waterfalls, through lush green valleys with stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
A visit to ancient hiding caves used during wars.
A visit to traditional blacksmiths.

A view into traditional cultures of the area.
A visit to Ngosi Crater Lake, where legends recount a monster residing under the water.
A visit to the Mbozi meteorite, weighing 12 tons, or the natural stone bridge of Kiwira.
Relax at Matema Beach on the shores of Lake Nyasa, with full view of the Livingstone Mountain range and proximity of Udzungwa National Park.
Marvel at the scenic beauty of southern Tanzania.

Experience the hot springs and the magic water springs. Visit caves and historical sites. Go on a wildlife walking tour close to Ruaha National Park. Learn to know more about Hehe Culture.

Camel safaris varying from half a day to one week.
Bird watching on the plains below Mt. Meru.
A climb up Ol Donyo Ndare, the pyramid shaped mountain.

Monduli Juu
Breath-taking views of the Rift Valley, Oldonyo Lengai Mt.
A guided hike through evergreen rain forest.
A visit to a Maasai herbalist, to a women’s jewellery ‘factory’.
Try the traditional ‘nyama choma’ with Maasai worriors in ‘Orpul’ where you’ll cut the meat yourself.

Mto wa Mbu
A walk through farms in a green oasis at the foot of the Rift Valley.
A trip to Miwaleni Lake and waterfall.
A view into the culture of many different tribes living in the area.
Visits to development projects.

A tour of Mama Anna’s quaint cheese making.
A guided tour criss-crossing coffee and banana farms to the top of Lemeka Hill.
A glimpse into the daily life of Meru farmers and their surrounding crops and vegetation.

A guided tour of farms on the green steep slopes of Mt Meru.
A view into WaArusha culture including traditional health care and building styles.
A visit to several village development projects.

Northern Pare Mountains
A walk through Kindoroko Forest Reserve.
A guided explanation about the medicinal power of plants and herbs growing in the area.
A view into the Pare culture, including the telling of old stories.

Oldonyo Sambu
Walk with the Maasai through plains and hills. Visit traditional culture and performances. See women at jewellery making. Stroll to the sunset view point

Walks through nine villages on the slopes of Mt Meru.
A walk up Sambasha Hill, an old volcano surrounded by Colobus monkeys.
A guided tour to a Maasai market on Thursdays or Sundays.
A visit to Kitakuk Hill, Osotwa’s indigenous tree planting project, with over 18,000 trees planted.

Pangani Coast
A visit to a former slave labour camp and slave market site.
A river cruise through vast coconut plantations.
A guided walk through historical Pangani town.
A fishing experience with local fishermen.

Southern Pare Mountains
A walk through the Chome Forest Reserve.
A climb to Shengena Peak, the highest point in the Pare and Usambara Mountains.
Walks to the Tona Moorland and Ranzi Dam.

A walk around Lake Duluti enjoying both history and nature.
Visits to a local herbalist and primary schools (including one for the disabled).
Walks to Shimbumbu Hill, Msese Caves and along the Malala River.
Traditional songs and drumming around a night-time bonfire.

Usambara Mountains
A visit to viewpoints on the edge of mountains.
Hikes through dense natural forests and along small tumbling rivers.
Visits to irrigation and soil conservation projects.



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